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[Help] Project Archive

  • Hey hey! I am trying to create a project archive for an architectural hardware company that supplies door hardware for projects. I am using SEOPress Pro, Beaver Themer, ACF Pro, FacetWP and CPT UI.

    This is what a project should show:

    Name of Project:

    Description of Project:

    Category of Project: (Residential/ Commercial/ Government/ Overseas/ Others)

    Year of Completion:

    Brand(s) Used:


    I would like for users to filter projects (using FacetWP) by Category, Year of Completion and Brand(s) Used.

    But the problem is, there are ongoing projects where there isn’t a Year of Completion yet and instead would need to display “Ongoing Project” or “Project still in progress” (something alone these lines).

    I would want this to be as user-friendly as possible. When the project is completed, they can easily update the Year of Completion themselves. This is because I would want to display newer or featured projects on the homepage based on Year of Completion.

    Another thing is, I need Category of Project to be in the url for example:


    I am familiar about a plugin called Custom Post Type Permalinks but am hoping to use as few plugins as possible because this company has 100+ projects to display.

    Also, what are the best practices for what I’m trying to achieve from an SEO perspective? Please advise…

    I hope the pros here can point me in the right direction 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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