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Help me fix bugs in the plugin

  • Good day, dear ACF users. I have a serious problem that is interfering with my work and I don’t know what to do about it, I tried to solve it myself, but I couldn’t.

    The problem is this. I created a field group and in it I create a selection field type, a button group, a checkbox, etc.

    Then in these fields I pass my shortcodes that I want to insert into the Elementor fields.
    For example: [elementor-template id=”661″] : Plastic window profiles
    [elementor-template id=”444″] : General window profiles

    After which, when a bug occurs, where instead of my shortcode on the left, the label on the right is transmitted, I tried to change the output item of the label and value, but nothing happens.
    It still shows me my label. The problem is solved if you enter the value without a description (label). For example [elementor-template id=”661″]
    [elementor-template id=”444″]

    Then I get my treasured shortcode value in the shortcode fields. Why does it work this way?

    Then there is another bug that I cannot explain. After I also enter my shortcodes into the fields, when selecting the ACF shortcode, my group of fields with selections in Elementor completely disappears, although the group of fields exists and should work.

    Please answer me and perhaps release an update that will fix these bugs, this really interferes with my work and I cannot implement my ideas as planned.

    Thank you very much for this plugin, it helps me with my work.


  • Here, look friends
    I did everything correctly, entered two values, set the value to be displayed
    But my label appears! My shortcode is not displaying

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