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HELP: advanced custom post hierarchy using Relationship fields

  • I am working on a WordPress/WooCommerce site that requires an extremely advanced post hierarchy to be created. The site allows users to buy sheet music.

    The topmost custom post type is called “Work”. These posts contain overarching information about a given musical piece.

    The second custom post type is “Edition”. These are different formats of the parent Work, e.g. “Wind Ensemble”, “String Quartet”, “Brass Quintet”, etc.

    Finally, contained within each Edition are a number of WooCommerce products containing sheet music for individual instruments.

    Basically, this is how the process of creating a Work should go:
    1) Create each product individually (each instrument for each Edition of the Work)
    2) Create each desired “Edition”, using a relationship field to select which products should appear inside which Edition.
    3) Create the overarching “Work”, using another relationship field to select the Editions that should appear inside the Work.

    Are Relationship fields the right way to go for this type of functionality? Please help, as I am in way over my head.

  • Sounds like you should be using Taxonomies matey.

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