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Heads up! Image Fields & WP SEO 2.2

  • Hi Elliot and all you lovely ACF peeps out there!

    Just spotted an issue with the ACF Pro Image Field (might affect “vanilla” ACF too perhaps?) and the updated version of Yoast’s WP SEO which was released today (v2.2)

    In Safari/Chrome, I wasn’t able to remove images chosen as the button did nothing. Downgrading to WP SEO v2.1 fixed this.

    I did see something in the console – yst_escapeFocusKW was generating an error and I’d bet my bottom dollar that this was the source of the issue!

    Might be something to investigate!


  • Are you still seeing the error if you install v2.2.1 or the SEO plugin. Just tested with that and I’m not seeing any issues.

  • OK, so this is getting weird now!

    Updating WP SEO to v2.21 has meant that I can delete an image from an Image Field in Chrome, but in Safari I can’t!

    Here’s the kicker …I have Realmac Software’s awesome Ember screenshot app installed on my work machines, and this comes with a Safari extension to simplify the screengrab process.

    In Safari, the WP SEO error is still there:

    [Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: yst_escapeFocusKw
    yst_testFocusKw (post.php, line 5637)
    dispatch (load-scripts.php, line 3)
    handle (load-scripts.php, line 3)
    trigger (load-scripts.php, line 3)
    trigger (load-scripts.php, line 8)
    (anonymous function) (load-scripts.php, line 3)
    each (load-scripts.php, line 2)
    each (load-scripts.php, line 2)
    trigger (load-scripts.php, line 3)
    render (acf-input.min.js, line 1)
    remove (acf-input.min.js, line 1)
    (anonymous function) (acf-input.min.js, line 1)
    dispatch (load-scripts.php, line 3)
    handle (load-scripts.php, line 3)

    But …there’s also this:

    [Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: safari
    global code (injected.js, line 19)
    appendChild ([native code], line 0)
    (anonymous function) (tinymce.min.js, line 3)
    run (tinymce.min.js, line 3)
    add (tinymce.min.js, line 3)
    init (tinymce.min.js, line 9)
    (anonymous function) (tinymce.min.js, line 9)
    (anonymous function) (tinymce.min.js, line 4)
    a (tinymce.min.js, line 2)
    h (tinymce.min.js, line 4)
    (anonymous function) (tinymce.min.js, line 4)
    i (tinymce.min.js, line 4)

    The safari variable it’s whinging about in the injected.js file is put there by Ember!

    Interesting stuff!

  • Sorry for the delay in replying. Seems I did not get a notification that you had replied.

    More than likely the JavaScript error in Yoast is causing the JS in ACF to not run. Basically once that error happens nothing else runs. If you’re still seeing the problem in Yoast I would report the JS error there.

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