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Have a theme with Advanced Custom Pro 5.5.9 included

  • Hi guys!
    I have had problems with the latest version of php with my theme which comes from theme forest. I have the latest version ative on my live site but getting the same error…

    I have just installed a basic installation of wordpress 4.9.8 and php 7.2.11 and as yet I have only added my theme that came with your plugin and activated it….

    The problem shown is in the functions.php file and the row is 326…

    This the error Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in H:\XAMPP\htdocs\Wordpress_my_theme\wp-content\themes\smallbusiness-cd\functions.php on line 326

    On line 326 of the functions.php I have: $total_rows = count( ACF_GF( ‘custom_google_fonts_show’, ‘option’ ) );

    Can anyone shed any light on what the error is refering to and how I go about fixing it?


  • This is an issue with the theme and not with ACF. It could also be with an add on plugin for ACF as this appears to be for an ACF google font field. You should contact the author of the theme and maybe the author of the ACF add on plugin.

  • Hi John!
    Thank you for coming by…I sort of expected that it was the theme…
    I will get in contact with them and see what transpires…
    I will post here when I have had a reply…


  • Hi again!
    I have been in touch with the author and he has given me an updated version of the theme, so now I can fix things…
    Thanks for your time!


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