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Has anyone used 5.8 beta3 in a production site yet?

  • I am getting ready to build a site for a customer and would like to use blocks for the new build. ACF blocks are going to save me a ton of time, and testing so far seems to have no issues for my needs, but am weary using a beta for client work. Has anyone done this or am I setting myself up for issues in the near future.

  • I would like to know the release date of the 5.8 version.

  • We are using it in production, but we are regretting it somewhat. Waiting for 5.8 to come out means we cannot update WP to 5+ (we are still on the Gutenberg plugin and 4.9.9). For context, we are only using ACF Blocks for things that need to be dynamically generated anyway, so using the familiar field styles and tools adds a level of consistency for our admin users across our CMS.

    I am currently exploring walking back the code we’ve written and heading back down the JS/React path, but it’s unfortunate. The ACF Blocks are simple to create and easy to maintain, and we’d prefer it to the fussier JS code in most cases.

  • I take it back! Some of the updates to WP cleaned up the major admin display glitches we were seeing before. We’re upgrading to 5.0.3 and still using ACF 5.8-beta3 in production.

    The caveat – for which we have alerted our users – is that ACF is caching output to memcache, even when there is an admin user updating content. We have to click our “clear cache” button a lot while we are updating content in our ACF fields. That’s not a Gutenberg issue, though – this is an existing ACF problem.

  • I’m tempted to use 5.8-beta3. I’m about to convert my main site to Gutenberg. I’ve done everything I can in preparation except start converting the posts. I need to make about 5 custom blocks for some categories. I plan on converting the categories I can without ACF for now and hope that 5.8 officially is released by the time I’m done.

    But I’m also nervous about that because 5.8 has been in the works for… 4-5 months now? I’m not dogging the ACF team at all. Gutenberg was a huge ordeal and big mess. But I wish we could get some kind (any kind) of indicator at a time to arrival for 5.8 so we can make educated choices about how to move forward.

  • Thank you dhuyck! This definitely gives me some piece of mind moving forward with this.

  • I posted in this thread as my first post and it never appeared 🙁 So @dhuyck, you feel confident that nothing fundamental will change when 5.8 gets the official release? All of your blocks will continue to function and maybe at this point 5.8-beta3 is just down to bug hunting and optimizations? I’m scared to commit but I really need to get going on custom blocks.

    Also, if you’re on 5.8-beta3 and 5.8 gets released, will it prompt a normal update within the WordPress Plugins Dashboard?

  • Yes, I am using it on a Production site too. Very impressed.

    As a studio we cannot develop using JS/React method, we’d be quoting 3x as much, client gets same end result.

    Only method we’d be using is ACF Blocks with WP. Then a JS/React front-end using the API for a SPA. Certainly not for Gutenberg editor itself.

  • @studioadmire


    Question: how are you guys able to create page sections? This is a huge thing, but I’m just not able to do it with ACF.

    Those sections need to be able to contain other blocks. I need them to have custom backgrounds and other functionality.

  • @jurky Not sure I understand what you mean by page sections?

    Do you mean more than one section of blocks? If so, there’s only a single the_content() call.

    Custom backgrounds would be on a block level?

    I guess I’d need to see a design.

  • @studioadmire

    When I say, “section”, I think about it from the design standpoint: a section of the page. Just like this one:

  • @jurky A section is a block.

    A block is a module, not a component.

    That design would be a single block which you can then add repeater fields for each point. In Gutenberg this will then render on the fly as you make the changes.

  • The way we have tackled this so far is to create an ACF field for “Right Sidebar” and “Left Sidebar”. Inside there we can use shortcodes, but we can’t use blocks there yet.

    However, we also did some work to figure out how to use Gutenberg’s “reusable blocks” concept in a shortcode, and make those available to these sidebar ACF fields. In an indirect way, this has made it possible for us to use Gutenberg code in the ACF fields. It’s certainly a roundabout way to do that, and not our primary intent or use case, but it (kinda) works.

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