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Hand picking posts

  • I have a large site that requires ‘modules’ to be on my homepage. Each one of these modules pertains to a category or section on our website, for example dining, events etc. Each module contains maybe 1-3 thumbnails, then text headlines. I need editors to be able to pick and chose which articles appear in these modules easily, without resorting to finding IDs or trickery. Does ACF offer any type of search capability to search for an article and select it to be included in an output display? Or something similar to what my requirements are?


  • Hi @qwik3r

    I think the relationship field will be a perfect fit for your requirements. If you have 4 ‘modules’, create 4 relationship fields.

    In each relationship field, you can select and order posts. You can then loop through these selected posts and render the image / headline / link in your page template.

    Checkout the docs for the relationship field and get_field to get started.


  • Awesome! This looks like it’s exactly what we’re looking for! So essentially this can search through the database of posts and select which ones we want to ‘stick’ them to the homepage and output them, is that correct?

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