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Hacking the image uploader – add a button

  • I’d like to do some custom modifications to the image uploader on my front-end form.

    Create a “Delete” button
    Specifically, I’d create a “delete” button, which I can display below the image (or anywhere else).

    I can pretty easily get the HTML elements triggering the “delete” function with jQuery (from the onMouseOver inside the uploaded image) and then paste that below the form. But the copied HTML won’t trigger the jQuery probably because the selectors aren’t properly identified. Could you provide some simple JS snippet I can attach to an element like a link and trigger that function, ideally list the events available to extend those functions?

    Remove/Block the onMouseOver “Edit” (etc.)
    Also, I’d like to remove/block the “edit” function (onMouseOver link within an uploaded image) so that users can’t see – or more importantly – access the edit functions from that link.

    I can easily hide the link with CSS, but that can be readily defeated with the browser inspector. So I’d like to completely block that access.

  • Nearly two months later, and still marked “unread”

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