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Gutenberg placeholder text UX problem

  • I have made an ACF block that has 5 inner blocks. 4 of these inner blocks are core blocks (para, heading, list and quote), the fifth is another ACF block I made myself (“accordion”).

    When you test it on an edit screen, and add the outer block to the page, the default placeholder text says “Type / to choose a block”. If I start to type, as instructed, I can choose between the 4 core blocks, but my ACF block is not available as a choice. However, if instead I click the “+” sign to the right, I can select from all 5 of the inner blocks.

    Therefore, if a user follows the instruction “Type / to choose a block” it actually stops them from being able to choose from the full range of blocks, which would be a UX problem.

    So, is there a way to change that default placeholder text to something like “Click the plus sign to choose a block”? Or is there a better solution for this?

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