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  • Hi there!

    For a while we have been using ACF fields to fill our WordPress templates.
    The WYSIWYG field, for example, is great to let users fill some part of a template with much and varied content.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a “Gutenberg” field…?
    So we could have many Gutenberg fields in the same page.

    Would that be possible? Has been tried?
    I search the forums but couldn’t find the suggestion anywhere.


    • sock2me

    • February 29, 2020 at 7:19 am

    Did you ever get a reply? I too am wondering this.

  • Looking for a ’rich text field’ as well. Sort like the paragraph in Gutenberg, sometimes integrates more with Gutenberg

  • Nope no answer yet, I might give it a try… I will update this post if I get it working!

  • Apparently, it’s currently not possible to instantiate more than one Gutenberg:

  • Thank you so much for tracking that information down!

  • Is it possible like in native gutenberg block implementations, to embed InnerBlocks, with only some Blocks enabled within?

    This is a guide on how to do it under native gutenberd:

    Something like:

  • It seems like multiple instances are currently supported according to this Github thread, which among it’s examples shows Gutenberg blocks in widgets…

    Unfortunately, my lack of familiarity with coding for Gutenberg leaves me unsure what to do with this information.

  • I’m finally delving into Gutenberg, and this is a major issue for me as well. As there is no “Gutenberg-style” WYSIWG-type option, it means that if you need to add a WYSIWIG field, you have to repeat all custom theme style programming for compatibility with both Gutenberg and TinyMCE — more than twice the code (since TinyMCE requires more). Are there any solutions in the works for this yet?

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