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Gutenberg blocks load process hanging

  • When editing a custom post type page with ACF Gutenberg blocks, the acf/ajax/fetch-block call hangs and times out several times. After 30s the blocks load but everything is slow or unresponsive before.

    any idea why?

    Wordpress 5.2.3
    ACF (latest)

  • Have you found any solution to this yet?

  • Kind of. We reset all network and browser settings and checked the installed Firewall. It helped a bit, so I guess it was a problem with the queueing of requests, blocked by network issues.

  • I am only facing this issue at live server and not in wamp localhost. Actually the ACF blocks are using admin-ajax.js to load preview html as well as edit. This is causing more trouble. For every block preview (for fresh load or in editing), there is a request. I don’t know if this will be solved by ACF or not…

    However, the native WP blocks are not using admin-ajax.js rather using react.js

  • Yes, and if one call hangs, all the rest is blocked and timing out, too.
    We experienced that as well. Definately need some optimization.

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