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Gutenberg Blocks in Flexible content field

  • I have a few flexible content fields with repeaters, text areas and WYSIWYG editors.
    Is it possible to have Gutenberg blocks (the standard ones) as field in a flexible content field?
    I would like to use the blocks instead of the WYSIWG editor.


  • I’m bumping this topic since I still have my original question form October did not get a reply.
    How could I have a page with Flexible content blocks but also have a geutenberg block area?
    If not part of the ACF fields, is the only way to add ‘the_content’ area either under or above the flexible content fields in the page template?


  • Hello!
    I would like to know also if it is possible?
    I would like to be able to put Block into a “field” so I not rely only on “the_content” for adding block…

    But I guess managing Block into field would be complicated…

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