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Gutenberg block that contains a post loop

  • I have created several ACF powered Gutenberg blocks and I’m loving it so far. Eliot is making more of a difference for WordPress developers than anyone else I know.

    I have a Gutenberg block that contains a simple post loop in the template. The posts have a few custom fields that are used in the template.

    The problem is, these custom fields are null once the post loop was moved into a block. I suspect that the get_field()/the_field() functions are scoped to the block itself and no longer scoped to the posts within the loop.

    Is this a bug or a limitation to the current beta stage of acf_register_block() and the volatile state of Gutenberg?

  • Isn’t the get_field() function by default getting the global $post->ID?

    You can get the fields within your loop by providing the loop’s post-ID as the second parameter with get_field() to get the it.

  • You were correct. Adding the post ID fixed the issue.

  • Just clarifying for future readers with a bit of code! Inside a block, you’d need to force the ID of the parent current post, like this: get_field('myField', get_the_ID())

  • Thanks for this solution.

    Do you know, if there is any change for future updates? I think it is really annoying (for debugging), because it works without the id if you are outside the block.

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