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Gutenberg 4.2.0 broken with ACF 5.8.0-beta2

  • I’m not even sure how to describe what is going on.

    The Gutenberg editor is fixed to about 80 pixels tall. Initially, no options for adding blocks shows up until I hit return and insert a blank paragraph.

    Disabling ACF returns everything to normal. Reverting to Gutenberg 4.1.1 returns everything to normal.

    I’m sure you guys are on this, but I didn’t see a report about it so I thought I’d post about it.

  • Same here. It seems to be a simple CSS definition in the acf-blocks.css causing this:

    #editor .edit-post-visual-editor,
    #editor .edit-post-layout__metaboxes {
    flex-basis: 0%;
    flex-grow: 0; }

    The “flex-basis: 0%” overwrites WordPress default, which is set to 100%.

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