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Groups and fields lose after upgrade

  • Hello there,

    I have an issue and don’t know how to fix it. I have a website with ACF Free (v. 4) and I have a license of ACF Pro and would like to use Pro because of its features. The problem is that when I disable ACF Free and enable ACF Pro my field groups and fields disappear.

    I have checked that in v.4 field groups are saved in database using “acf” post type. On v5 they are saved using “acf-group-field” post type. In v4 fields are saved on post_meta table and they are saved on posts table on v5. It seems that the versions are totally different. When I enable PRO Version there’s any warning to upgrade database.

    I tried to upgrade v4 free to v5 free (enabling Early Access) but the fields disappear as well.

    Has someone ever stumbled with these issues and have an answer for this question?

    Thank you,

  • There is a specific process you must go through to update from 4 to 5

    1) Do not deactivate ACF 4
    2) Activate ACF 5
    3) Upgrade Database (there should be a prompt to do this)
    4) Deactivate ACF 4

    If you do the above and still have issues the you need to open a new support ticket

  • Hello John, thank you for your answer.

    I tried to do it but didn’t fix the issue as after enabling ACF Pro there’re any prompts to upgrade the database.

    I will open a new ticket of even create the fields again

    Thank you

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