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Group of fields in the users profile

  • Hello,
    I use Advanced Custom Fields to make a list of fields in the Contributors “Edit post” page that are than displayed in the post.
    I use this rules to show this fields group to Contributors only

    User is equal to Contributor

    My problem is that this group of fields is showed also in the Users profile page, there is a way to prevent this?

  • Please post all of the location rules for your field group

  • Hello, here there is a screenshot.
    Basically i just want that the field group appear only in post edit

  • You have only specified the current user role. You also need to specify where you want the fields to appear. By only specifying the current role the group will appear anywhere that a field group can appear if the current user is of that role.

  • I fixed it thanks

  • post type == post
    current user == contributor

  • i fixed it thanks i was using the same rule with OR instead of AND 🙂

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