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Gridded button group or other suggestion for….

  • I am adding a field which will allow editors to control text placement over an image from a set of pre-defined choices. At the moment I have it in a dropdown, but feel there must be a more attractive interface.


    To understand my request, the choices I am giving them are:

    ° Top / Right
    ° Top / Center
    ° Top / Left
    ° Middle / Right
    ° Middle / Center
    ° Middle / Left
    ° Bottom / Right
    ° Bottom / Center
    ° Bottom / Left

    The button group comes close, but looks to only support a single row or single column. What seems like it could be perfect is a 3×3 grid of buttons so they visually can see what section of the image is chosen.

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for this?

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