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Gravity Forms custom fields name

  • Is it possible to Gravity forms a more friendly names for custom fields?

    no such field_xxxxxxx

  • Hi @krismo

    I have looked into this and unfortunately it is not possible.

    This will not be an issue with ACF v5, so I will leave it for the time being and you will not have this issue in the near future.


  • Following on from this post how do I tell which field that number refers to? I am running into the same problem.

  • Hi @Valkrider and all other readers.

    Please do NOT select a custom field which looks like ‘field_123gh44f’. This is the field_name used to save the field object, not the field value.

    All ACF values are saved using the field_name, so if you have created a field in ACF called ‘City’ with a field name of ‘city’, please select ‘city’ from the GF drop down list.


  • Elliot, I would if I could. All that appears in the list is a series of fields that start field_52c…. even though I saved them with proper names like in my case newsletter

  • Hi @Valkrider

    Have you created a post and saved a value to the ACF field?
    GF only shows custom fields which exist in the DB. If you have not yet saved a value to the DB, GF will not show the field_name in the select list.


  • Thanks Elliot that sorted it. This is a new CPT that I am setting up and wanted to do it all at once without creating any data.

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