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Gravity Forms 1.9.3 and Flexible Content WYSIWYG

  • This is a pretty niche bug, but it could have consequences in other places as well. Here’s the situation:
    We’re using Flexible Content with a WYSIWYG field. That field has a shortcode for gravity forms. The shortcode inserts some javascript that uses the && operator. Between the ACF WYSIWYG field filters and the_content filters the operator is getting converted to && and inserted into the page.

    The addition of this operator in the inline js is new to 1.9.3, but it could have implications anywhere js is part of a shortcode.

  • I have two possible solutions and I can’t say if either of the will work.

    My guess is that wptexturize is converting the characters before shortcodes are run.

    I do not know what other side effects doing either of these will cause.

    possible solution 1: force do_sortcodes to run before the other content hooks
    add_filter('acf_the_content', 'do_shortcode', 9);

    possible solution 2: move wptexturize to after sortcodes

    remove_filter('acf_the_content', 'wptexturize');
    add_filter('acf_the_content', 'wptexturize', 12);
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