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Google Recaptcha in frontend form

  • Hi all!

    I’ve tried many recaptcha plugin, they all seem outdated so I thought: how hard is it to do it myself?

    Well, just a little to hard as I cant figure out the last part, what I did is this:

    In my plugin, I registered the recaptcha JS:

    wp_register_script('recaptcha', '', null, null, true);

    In my cuswtom js file I make sure the form’s submit input has the required paramaters added:

    jQuery('#acf-form .acf-form-submit input[type="submit"]').addClass('g-recaptcha').attr('data-sitekey', '6LdDttAeAAAAALulJgfVDAEhzO7jf4VuWX5YSFVw').attr('data-callback', 'onScfFormSubmit').attr('data-action', 'submit')

    Now then there’s the onScfFormSubmit callback, which needs to trigger the ACF form validation and submission. I’ve tried this:

    function onScfFormSubmit(token) {

    but it does nothing. When I use the .submit() function it submits the form without AJAX, thats not what I want either.

    How can I trigger the validation manually and the submit after that?

    Here’s documentation on how to implement ReCaptcha:


  • Is there anyone who can help me here? Thanks!

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