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Google Maps WordPress Backend

  • hi,
    i am using the acf pro version for WordPress.
    I created a google maps field and included it to a backend page.
    This works fine, and the maps is shown. But the search input field is not working, i get the error to check the google api key if i search for an address. If i place a marker only by clicking on the maps everything works fine.

    Does someone knows about this problem and how to fix it?


  • no one with the same problem or a solution?

  • @iskdjim, I’m having the exact same issue. Haven’t found a solution yet.

  • @iskdjim, Actually, I just figured it out. You need to enable individual APIs in the Google Cloud dashboard. For address lookups, the Places API needs to be enabled. Once I did that, I stopped getting the console errors and the address lookup worked as expected. I’m still on my free trial of the APIs, so I don’t know what the cost of using these APIs will be.

  • @alanevanson, thanks. This is the solution. Now it works. Thank you very much

  • Thanks as well, this help me solve my problem too!

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