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Google Maps – Multi Marker Daily Query Limit

  • Google Maps – Multi Marker Daily Query Limit

    I am currently using the Google Maps element in a repeater; each repeater then builds into one single map with all markers on the same individual map (I followed the multiple map marker tutorial provided on this site.) Everything worked perfectly until I realized how many markers the client would be entering – I am aware that the Google Maps ACF element utilizes the FREE LIMIT of Map Queries to Google Maps which is 2,500 queries.

    The issue that I have is that the client is trying to enter roughly 170 markers to one map. This all works fine until a certain point, a point to which I believe is the daily limit being reached. I believe this is happening for a number of reason, but am not positive so I was hoping for some clarification and possibly some direction to a solution. I will step out the issue below.

    1. Client tries to enter 170 markers, before finishing the list, the user experiences issues saving – presumably because the query limit has been reached. My assumption is that if the client is saving the post each time they add a marker, when the admin page is refreshed, the admin page is querying the Google Maps API XX nunber of times (ex: say the client entered 100 markers, if they save after adding the 101st marker, the Google API is queried 101 times when the page is refreshed. Then if they add and save the 102nd marker, on reload, the API is queried 102 times). I believe this is occurring because each individual marker repeater displays a map on the admin page.
    1a. Would it be possible to not query the API for each marker displayed on the admin page?
    1b. Would removing the map with the individual marker on the admin page reduce the number of overall queries?

    2. Can you tell me if the Google API is being queried for each marker when building the multi-marker map or is that only counted as one API call?
    2a. If the map is only querying the API once for multiple markers, would it be possible to add this type of map to the admin page? i.e. As the user adds new markers, once save is pressed, they are added to a multi-marker map at the top of the repeater. I understand this would still be a potential risk to the query limit but if they were all added at once and saved, it would count as one query call (if the multi-marker map works as a single query)

    Any additional information about the map queries would be appreciated. Ultimately, just looking for a solution to a lot of markers causing (what I believe is a query limit issue) Any solution which reduces the number of overall queries, whether admin or user facing.

    Thank you for your help.

  • ACF is great for a few maps and a few markers, but for something like what you’re talking about you may need to go a different route. Not that ACF isn’t great, but all plugins have their limits. We recently built a site for a client that required maps with several thousand markers on it. I used and purchased the developer bundle. The map we created for them uses a local .kmz file to hold the data.

  • So is there any possible solution? Can you at least tell me how the queries work and when the plugin makes those queries? Because it seems like I could reduce a number of them if I removed the querying from the admin page.

    While I understand ACF has its limits, there should be some way to manipulate the number of queries posted.

    Any information on how the queries work for the Google Map element would be helpful. Just an answer to any of the questions above – I fully acknowledge that my initial goal isn’t exactly easily obtained but I would like to receive some additional information about the Google Map element please.

    Thank you!

  • I don’t know of any way to prevent a separate call to google for each map field rendered in the admin. I don’t think this is possible since each map field is a separate field in the admin. You would need to dig through the javascript for the map field to know for sure.

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