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Google Maps field changed behaviour – not encoding place name

  • Has anyone else noticed a change in behaviour with ACF Pro v5.7.0?

    I have been using the google_map field on my site for a while now and when I type a place (business/hotel/cafe) into the search field it comes up with a suggestion for it.

    What has changed is that now when I select the suggestion from the list there is a brief second after selecting before it re-encodes itself to just the plain street address with no Google Place name before it.

    Not sure if this is being done by ACF or if its something to do with the map / autocomplete?

    I was using it to tag places that I have visited and now its no use for that.

  • I think I’m seeing a related issue.
    Pre ACF Pro v5.7.0 I was able to click on the map to set a marker (admin edit page). To remove the marker I would click on the marker icon in the top right of the map. Great!!!
    But after upgrading to ACF Pro v5.7.0 the behaviour has changed. Clicking in the map only causes it to zoom in a bit. A marker does flash in the centre (and gets registered) but it does not persist on the map. I don’t know haw to remove the marker.
    The default icon on the map is now a ‘move hand’.
    It was working perfectly 2 days ago before the upgrade.

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