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Google Maps Displaying in Elementor

  • Hi there! I’m not a developer, just a Dad that is trying to create a cool website for his Jazz Musician son. While I’m using Elementor, I’m also trying to minimize plugins. That said, I’ve created a Custom Post Type called “Gigs” to dynamically highlight upcoming shows that my son will be playing. I’ve also created a Custom Taxonomy called “Locations” to dynamically bring in Map, Location URL, and Image for instance. I cannot get any of these custom fields associated with the Locations Taxonomy to display. I’ve also created a second CPT called “Gig Locations” and tried to relate them to the Gigs CPT so that I could display its respective custom fields.

    I can place an ACF Google Maps field directly in the Gigs CPT and it will display through the Elementor Google Maps widget. But the ACF Google Maps fields in either the Taxonomy or 2nd CPT will not display. When attempting to put custom PHP code snippets to “get_meta_terms” etc., nothing happens or the site crashes entirely.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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