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Google map input error (ACF jQuery error?)

  • Hi,
    I have a trouble with error of Google map field. If I turn it on, and adds to my Fields on custom post type, it causeses jQuery error – TypeError:google.load is not a function…

    I turn off all other plugins, but´s not giving any changes. No other gmaps isn´t in a code.

    My client uses WordPress Billie, newest ACF and Ubergrid Theme

    I am afraid that´s the mistake can be larger, because the control panel of ACF not running some dynamic effects (f.e. automatic reloading of selects, and adding “AND” function to creating if statements.
    There is console log form Control panel.

    Thanks for your ideas :-(.

  • Hi @matts

    Have you checked the console log for all javascript errors including on the ACF fieldgroups list page?

    Could you please post it here?

    Does Ubergrid Theme by any chance provide functionality for Google maps themselves too? If so it’s possible google maps script is being loaded in twice which can result in JS errors.

  • Hi Jonathan!

    Thanks for reply, the WordPress system is probably infected by virus. I find some strange long php code in function.php and same code in other files :(.

    Maybe this is an error, please by patient with me. I try to reupload all of the content and reinstall the WordPress.


  • Hi @matts

    Ah okay that’s a bummer. Don’t forget to change all the important passwords too. WP-admin users, FTP, MYSQL etc.

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