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Google Map Grey Box

  • Hi Peeps,

    Ok, so I’ve got a page which grabs my locations and displays them in a datatable. The datatable then builds the locations on a Google Map.

    This is working.

    If I create a template page and add the code – its fine
    If I add the code direct to index.php or page.php – its fine

    If I move the code into an acf block, the table loads the data but the map simply returns a grey box and one location (even though there are many).

    The API calls are fine and I don’t need to enqueue anything specific on a per acf block basis (proven by the fact it works when dumping the code on a page).

    Has anyone else had any issues with Google Maps and a grey box when using an acf block?


  • Don’t worry, I’ve solved it.

    I foolishly had not passed the post ID during an include – d’oh!

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