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Google Map field issue

  • I think there’s an issue with the Google Map field type affecting other field types.

    I have a field group called Options for my Options page.
    It has 1 Wysiwyg field and 1 Google Map field.
    On the options page edit screen, the Wysiwyg doesn’t display the toolbar at all (regardless of “full” or “basic” setting).
    When i remove the Google Map field and return to the options page edit screen, the Wysiwyg has it’s toolbar like it’s supposed to.

    The same issue occurs if the field group is set to show for a page as well.

  • Hi @kurdt_the_goat,

    May I ask what version of ACF and WP you are using? Do you have any other plugins installed?


  • It’s an almost clean install of WP3.81 and 4.34 of ACF.
    I have Gravity forms along with ACF Flexible, Gallery, Options, Repeater and Location (all updated to latest).

    Setting up the options was the first thing i started on this site other than some content population so there’s not much else going on to affect it.

  • Hi @kurdt_the_goat,

    Sounds like this might be a JS error, can you please check your browser console?


  • This is what Firefox reports:

    Error: TypeError: google.maps.places is undefined
    Source File: /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/js/input.min.js
    Line: 13

  • Hi @kurdt_the_goat,

    This could be a plugin clash, can you disable any other plugins and see if that fixes the issue?

  • Indeed, it appears the ACF Location Field add-on has a conflict…
    Deactivated everything but when i activate ACF Location Field, the WYSIWYG appears with no toolbar and the following text which i didn’t ever type:

    <p><br data-mce-bogus=”1″></p>

    Google Map Field (which i only recently realised was added) seems to be a replacement for the older ACF Location Field anyway, so maybe this isn’t a big issue.

  • Hi @kurdt_the_goat

    Yes. Please use the ‘Google Map’ field instead of the 3rd party location field.


  • Thanks Elliot.

    I should say though, in case there was any confusion, the ACF Location field add-on wasn’t 3rd party (that i’m aware), it’s the one linked from your Add-On’s page: People might get confused since the URL references Google Maps when it’s actually the Location Field Add-On.

    Now that you’ve got the Google Maps field type built in to ACF, you should probably remove the Location Field Add-On from lest someone else hit conflicts as well!

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