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Global header/hero slideshow (using gallery field)

  • I would like to create a global header/hero slideshow that is shown on all pages of the site. I thought about using the gallery field within the theme customizer but read that it isn’t possible to use ACF there. What would be the best way to create such functionality?

    I really just need this one instance with one field where I can select multiple images from the media library; I don’t need one of these bloated slider plugins, I’m gonna create the slider functionality myself. Any ideas?


    I use thees daily. The options page gives you the ability to add all your fields on a special page added to the left admin bar. From their you can call all your options with get_field('FieldName','option');

  • Wow, thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed. I didn’t even know this existed, I’d probably never have found it myself. 🙂

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