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Global AND Translated Options Page with WPML / acfml

  • Hey

    I want to have to different types of Option Pages.

    • Global Options
    • Translated Options

    The setup is:

    • Advanced Custom Fields PRO | 5.7.13
    • WPML Multilingual CMS | 4.2.6
    • Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual | 1.1
    • WPML String Translation | 2.10.4
    • WPML Media | 2.5.2

    With this setup, I get “only” the “Translated” Options Pages.

    How can I get “Global” Options Pages too?
    Does anyone have experience with this? Tipps?

    Many thanks in advance – Peter

  • Hi John

    Thanks for the link, it helped me find a solution that works for me. Here it is!


    // Use this to force ACF to look for the "all" version of the fields.
    	add_filter('acf/settings/current_language', function() { return 'all' ; } );
    // Insert your regular ACF code between the add_filter and remove_filter lines.
    	echo get_field('my_language_independet_option_field', 'option');
    // Use this to re-enable language-specific retrieval of ACF fields.
    	remove_filter('acf/settings/current_language', function() { return ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE ; } );

    Backend- / Admin-Code (functions.php):

    function force_redirect_to_the__all__version_of_global_options() {
    	// correct page
    		global $pagenow ;
    		if($pagenow === "admin.php" && isset($_GET['page']) && $_GET['page'] === "global-options") { // global-options is the menu_slug you defined in acf_add_options_page
    			// lang not 'all'?
    				if(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE !== 'all') {
    					// manipulate query (set lang to "all")
    						$query = $_GET;
    						$query['lang'] = 'all';
    						$query_result = http_build_query($query);
    					// redirect and die
    						wp_redirect(get_admin_url() . 'admin.php?' . $query_result);
    add_action( 'admin_init', 'force_redirect_to_the__all__version_of_global_options');
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