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Global access to ACF fields

  • Hi there.

    I am having trouble accessing Fields in a Field Group using ACF Pro.

    I have one Field Group set up named “Menu Template”. Menu Template contains a Flexible Content Field with various layouts. I then have three posts (Menu A, Menu B, and Menu C) in a custom post type called “Menus”. Each post has access to the Field Group Menu Template.

    In each of these three Menus, the user enters different information into a field “Days Available”, for example,

    – Menu A is available Mon-Tue;
    – Menu B is available Thu-Sat;
    – Menu C is available Sun

    I want to be able to access all three of these “Days Available” values outside of their respective posts, for example, if I were in page-random.php I could loop through an array and have access to the Days Available value from each of Menu A, Menu B, Menu C.

    What I have tried –

    The only option I have that works is using get_field_object() and specifying an ID for each post (seems a bit messy).

    Using get_posts() and specifying the post_type gives back all the posts but I don’t have access to the ACF Fields (not that I can see anyway).

    Last option (which I haven’t tried) might be to query the database directly using wpdb. This looks to be the solution to an earlier post somewhat similar (

    Any thoughts / help / advice greatly appreciated.


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