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  • Hi guys, hi Elliot,

    I would love to contribute to the advancement of the project but your workflow on github is unclear to me.
    You have not tagged any versions since 4.1.8 or something. You only have a master branch and a multitude of pull requests. Is there a roadmap anywhere?

    You should tag all releases and could use branches like
    – 4.2 (for hotfixes)
    – master (for the next feature release)

    that way contributors knew where to send pull requests for bugfixes (current branch, e.g. 4.2) and for new features (master).

    What do you think? Maybe you should publish some guidelines for pull requests/contributions. Demanding proper commenting of additions and/or changes so you can minimize the work on your side to evaluate them.

    I for my part hate nothing more than a pull request of mine being “ignored”. A declined pull request with a short explanation is far better than one that is kept open indefinitely due to time issues.
    I know that time is always an issue so please take this as constructive criticism.


  • Hi @cfoellmann

    The github repo is definitely in need of some TLC.

    After 4.3 is released and I can take a deep breath, I’ll be sure to get in contact and ask you to help clean up and better use the repo.

    Thanks mate.


  • Nice to hear that.
    What do you need for the 4.3 release? Can I help with completing any features?

  • Hi @cfoellmann

    Just need lots of testing with the new conditional logic and required options for sub fields in the repeater / flexible content add-ons.

    You can find all the info in the Beta Testing forum!

    Thanks for your help.


  • I would like to contribute to the documentation. I found something regarding a WP_Query by custom field that took me like 3 hours of googling to figure out. Is there any way the documentation might be available for contributing?

  • Hi @jshawl

    Sure. There is already a doc for ‘Query posts by custom field values’. Feel free to write here and text you think should be appended to it.


  • hey @elliot
    I see 4.3.1 is the current stable 😉

    ping on Skype if you want to talk about setting up some workflow on GitHub. My Skype name is the same as my username here and GitHub.

    For contributions to the docs you could open a “issues-only” repo on GitHub.

  • Hi @cfoellmann

    Thanks mate, will do.


  • For contributions to the docs you could open a “issues-only” repo on GitHub.

    Or a separate docs repo. That would also allow you to have branches/tags to match the current code base. Folks could add docs for new features before they’re live and there’s no need to worry about which docs are live. When the code updates, the docs do too.

    I’d help out here and there as I come across things but the barrier to entry is a little blurred.

  • There’s still error in the program while using this.

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