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  • Hello there…
    I find out a strange bug, so I’m going to update you on this.
    I have noted the bug after upgrade to 5.5.5 but I’m not sure if was there before.

    1) I’m using ACF pro plus WPML (italian main language english second language)

    2) I duplicated a field group and get the exact copy of my Italian field group also in English… all is fine and they are associated correctly as group of fields.

    3) then if i modify/edit the Italian group no problem (my main wp language)

    4) but if i modifiy/edit the English group associated starts the troubles:

    a) if i delete a field in En version because no need and save

    – all the fields disappear if is the first field to be deleted in En
    – all the fields under the deleted one disappear if is not the first one but in the meddle of a field group, let say number 3 or 4
    – nothing wrong happen if is the last field to be deleted

    b) if i change the name of a label of a field or anything else like if the field is mandatory or not in the En version and save
    – the En field just modified disappear

    c) if i move the order of the field in En version using drag and drop
    – the En field disappear

    Let me know , thank you in advance for your support.

  • Hi @corradoprever

    Please open a support ticket via [email protected] and share the same details or a link to this thread and our friendly support team should be able to help you out!

  • I noticed the exact same behavior (ACF 5.5.6 / .7 / .8 and .9).

    You can not alter a “child” language, without messing it up.

    No problem when altering the “parent” language – only with non-primary languages.

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