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Getting Started with Genesis Platform

  • I tried submitting a support ticket but I don’t think that system is working OR it’s another one of my issues…..MY ISSUES….please forgive my ignorance as I’m new.

    I think I should understand how ACF works but am having trouble getting started. I’m using the Genesis platform and want to add my fields into a separated PHP file rather than have a lengthy functions.PHP for some rather long forms.

    I seem to be able to get ACF working in the back end, even in custom post types, but I can’t get the form fields to display in a separate post type file where I can add all the lengthiness I need.

    I find lots of online examples but have trouble adjusting the values to suit my needs from forms designed to target other purposes such as movies.

    I want to be able to create membership profiles with lots of fields regarding professional criteria: company name, certifications, years experience, address, phone, headshot image, and so on.

    So I need to register the custom post type in functions.php. Then create a file in which I can add all the form fields. Here’s what I tried that doesn’t seem to work:

    I add to functions.php the following

    //* Create memberProfile custom post type
    add_action( 'init', 'executive_memberprofile_post_type' );
    function executive_memberprofile_post_type() {
    	register_post_type( 'memberprofile',
    			'labels' => array(
    				'name'          => __( 'MemberProfile', 'executive' ),
    				'singular_name' => __( 'MemberProfile', 'executive' ),
    			'has_archive'  => true,
    			'hierarchical' => true,
    			'menu_icon'    => get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/lib/icons/portfolio.png',
    			'public'       => true,
    			'rewrite'      => array( 'slug' => 'memberprofile', 'with_front' => false ),
    			'supports'     => array( 'title', 'editor', 'author', 'categories', 'tags', 'thumbnail', 'excerpt', 'trackbacks', 'custom-fields', 'revisions', 'page-attributes', 'genesis-seo', 'genesis-cpt-archives-settings' ),
    			'taxonomies' => array( 'category', 'post_tag' ),

    and create a file called single-memberprofile.php with this:

     * This file adds the custom member profile post type single post template to the Executive Pro Theme.
     * @author SteveHorn
     * @package Executive Pro
     * @subpackage Customizations
    // Add custom body class to the head
    add_filter( 'body_class', 'executive_add_body_class' );
    function epik_add_body_class( $classes ) {
       $classes[] = 'executive-redemption';
       return $classes;
    // Remove header, navigation, breadcrumbs, footer widgets, footer 
    add_filter( 'genesis_pre_get_option_site_layout', '__genesis_return_full_width_content' );
    remove_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'genesis_do_breadcrumbs' );
    remove_action( 'genesis_post_content', 'genesis_do_post_content' );
    remove_action( 'genesis_entry_content', 'genesis_do_post_content' );
    add_action( 'genesis_entry_content', 'genesis_memberprofile_content' );
    add_action( 'genesis_post_content', 'genesis_memberprofile_content' );
     * This function outputs sitemap-esque columns displaying all pages,
     * categories, authors, monthly archives, and recent posts.
     * @since 1.6
    function genesis_memberprofile_content() { ?>
     <!-- Page's Content begins here. -->
    <p>This is a test paragraph. Replace with your PHP content.</p>
     <!-- Page's content ends here. -->

    And the result is:

    YIKES! I’ve tried various approaches on more than one theme and still can’t get off the ground.

    Poor little ol’ me. Any help for me to get started? Thanks for your patience. BTW, I’m using the free version and plan to upgrade to Pro maybe next month….money is tight.

  • I think that you may need to ask about this on a Genesis forum

  • Thanks, John. I have the file itself working, single-somename.php. And can get the custom post type to register in the backend but I need to learn more on making it behave with all functionality that regular posts have. That is to say, having meta data such as author name, date, etc, taxonomy type display and all. I have it now set up so that I can create the taxonomies (taking the place of “categories” for standard posts) but they don’t seem to display in the site itself. That is to say, I can’t show the archive of a taxonomy I created in the admin area.

    I believe that’s related to standard WordPress code in functions.php. What I have listed above in functions.php is a start but I believe more is needed to make all aspects work properly.

    I am also reaching out to the Studio Press community but no working replies as yet. Probably need more time. Thanks again for your reply.

  • Do you mean you can’t show a taxonomy archive page.

    There are other templates that are related to taxonomies. The first is


    That will show an archive of all posts in a post type

    Then there is


    where $taxonomy is the name of your taxonomy. This will show an archive of the taxonomy posts.

    I was going to point you to the WP template hierarchy document, but it appears they’re in the middle of some kind of switch, the page should be here but redirects to something new that isn’t their yet, how nice.

    On top of that you’re working in the Genesis framwork, and that has it’s own set of rules. Functions like the ACF function the_field() will work anywhere that a standard WP function like the_content(); will work. You need to figure out how to add basic functions and for that you really need the Genesis documentation.

  • I see the link working now. I hadn’t visited this section before but will. I’ll mark this post as resolved although I don’t have it working yet. Being a little green, I’ll take some time with this. Thanks for your help, John. This chart is very helpful, taken from your link’s sidebar.

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