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Getting select value on change with jQuery

  • Hi everyone,

    So I’ve got a taxonomy field that is displayed as a dropdown select. Using jQuery I would like to get the value of that select when it is clicked on. Normally I would use something like:

    $( "#taxonomySelect" ).change(function () {

    But it doesn’t work because ACF doesn’t generate a regular select input. When clicked, the dropdown populates a span with a ul and lis with the options. And no matter what I try, I can’t get jQuery to pick up the value of the selected li…

  • It can be complicated, the first thing that you need to be able to do is to detect that a field has changed. This might require targeting a hidden field depending on the field type. Once you do that, in order to get the value of the field you need to use the ACF JS API

    The following has not been tested, it is just an example and some testing/debugging may need to be done

      if (typeof acf === 'undefined') {
      // detect change of tax field ??
      // insert the field key of your tax field
      // need to use $(document).on because field may be dynamically inserted and may not exist when the document is ready
      // this might need to target the hidden field, not sure, testing would be required
      // it really depends on the specifics of the field settings
      // you need to inspect the HTML see the structure of the field
      $(document).on('change', '[data-key="field_XXXXXXXXX"] .acf-input select', function(e) {
        // once your getting the change event to fire
        // get field value using ACF JS API
        var field = acf.getField('field_XXXXXXXXX');
        var value = field.val();
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