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Getting saved postmeta to display

  • New to WordPress and ACF (20 years in traditional programming world) so trying to understand how meta_values saved by ACF are displayed.

    I set up a test page, ACF group, and related ACF fields in a sandbox site. All the data saved by ACF in the post appeared on the page as advertised.

    I tried do the same on an existing site, but this time as a standalone field (not associated with any page, but set up a post type called intro that fires the appearance of the form field on the admin side. The data is saved but it seems that no matter what page template I place my code, nothing appears. Using:

    <?php the_field('menu_intro'); ?>

    The wp_postmeta shows:

    4293 | menu_intro                  | This is the menu intro
    4293 | _menu_intro                 | field_5c5ba4f757dab   

    Is there some way that I have to “register” that this particular field appears on this particular page, or is the_field indiscriminate about this and just pulls it from the postmeta table regardless? (the later is not working).

    I can get it using the $post_id, but I had to write a wpdb query to get that based on the meta_key.

    Thanks, Brad

  • It appears this is a duplicate of

    Please close this thread (or the other one) so we don’t have confusion.

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