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Getting ACF Select field Label for a given Value

  • I’ve written a function that uses SQL to give me a count of the distinct values of bl-project.ptype, where bl-project is a custom taxonomy and ptype is an ACF select field containing value : label pairs. The function works well, but returns values for ptype and I’d prefer labels.

    There are a couple of similar threads on this topic but the solutions therein don’t seem to work unless you’re on a post detail page, whereas I need a value -> label lookup function that works independent of a post or taxonomy.*

    So far I’m getting around this by maintaining a lookup function in PHP which takes the select value as input and returns the label value as output, but maintaining this function in parallel with the ACF Select field is a recipe for disaster. Thinking that I could adapt my original SQL function to incorporate a lookup I did a search for one of my select field values, and the only place it appears in the WP DB is in the wp_posts entry which appears to describe my ACF Select field, and I can’t work out the format in which it’s stored.

    As always, many thanks in advance for any assistance.

    * Incidentally, get_field_object() doesn’t seem to work on select fields against a custom taxonomy, only those against a custom post type. Not sure if this is intentional.

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