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Getting ACF field data in image

  • Hey everyone,

    Been using ACF to store information on images of art pieces which is awesome, but I’d like to do a little more with that data.

    Currently I am trying to get Elementor’s gallery to open up a unique link for every image in it.

    Right now I got this to work by just manually adding the links with some Javascript. However, this won’t work out if images are moved or whatever.

    Can someone give me a rundown of how to get access to data stored in fields of images? Pretty beginner at this.

  • I cannot tell you how to do this in elementor.

    This is how I would do this in PHP if I have an image field and I also have custom fields attached to the image.

    $image_id = get_field('image_field_name', false, false);
    // the second argument above is the post ID, set to false for current post
    // the 3rd argument tells acf not to format the value and returns the attachment IF
    // not you can get value from the image
    $value = get_field('some_field_name', $image_id);
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