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getField in Elementor Custom Code with JavaScript

  • Hi there,

    hope there is someone, who can give me a hint. Perhaps I’m on the wrong track and there is a much easier solution.

    I fill in a ACF at the post, let it be field named ‘ABC’ with value ‘V123’.
    This field should be used to make an XMLHttp-request to an external site.

    I use Elementor as my page-builder.

    The JavaScript-Code to execute the XMLHttp-request is a code-snippet in Elementor’s “Custom Code” loaded before the </body> closing tag.
"GET", "");
    xhr.setRequestHeader("api-key", "123lkj13345kljh235kh235");
    xhr.setRequestHeader("api-host", "");

    It all works fine, if the key is set constant as above: /?key=V123&param1 , but I fail if I try to make it variable like ?key=”.acfValue.”&param1

    var acfValue = acf.getField('ABC');"GET", "".acfValue."&param1=efg&param2=hij");

    I get:
    acf is not defined
    acf.getField is not a function

    Post – ACF-Field > loaded in Elementor Custom Code Skript on page > pass to JS-Api XMLHttp-Request

    Is this the easiest way to get the ACF-Field in my Elementor Custom Code JavaScript – Snippet?
    If so, where is my mistake of thought?
    If not, is there another way?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


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