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get_users and meta_query for repeater field values

  • Hi

    i got prob to query users with custom field repeater

    What i made :

    i got a custom search form, who search in ajax with get_users and with complexe request on many user’s customs fields

    all work fine, even filter taxonomy assigned to user like custom field

    but it dont work for my repeater field..

    the repeater key is : liste_des_langues & the item key : langue

    if add this :

    function wpza_replace_repeater_field( $where ) {
        $where = str_replace( "meta_key = 'liste_des_langues_$", "meta_key LIKE 'liste_des_langues_%", $where );
        return $where;
    add_filter( 'posts_where', 'wpza_replace_repeater_field' );

    and this is my request args for this field :

    if($langues && $langues != 'all'){
            $temp = array(
                'key' =>  'liste_des_langues_$_langue',
                'value' =>  $langues,
                'compare' => 'LIKE',
            array_push($request['meta_query'] , $temp);

    this is the basic request :

    $request = array(
            'role__in' => array( 'consultant' ),
            'meta_query'      => array(),
            'tax_query'      => array(),
        if(count($_GET) > 1){
            $request['meta_query']['relation'] = 'AND';

    i found this solution there :

    but it doesn’t work :/

    and i dont understand where is my mistake, someone can help please ?

  • the hook you are using “posts_where” is for altering the WHERE clause of a post query. This will not work for a user query. WP has no hooks to alter the user query in this manner.

  • Thanks John, but i really don’t understand what i have to do. I’m not familiar with SQL query

    All my others custom field users work perfectly, this is just with the repeater the problem, did i have to change all the query ?

    i really don’t understand the pre_user_query and the impact on my all code :/

    can you explain little bit more please ?

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