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get_fields on a custom post type archive page

  • I have a custom post type called semesters. I created an archive page for that post type called archive-semesters.php. On the template page of archive-semesters.php, I’m trying to get all the fields of each post but when I call the get_fields function it’s returning null.

                  while ( have_posts() ):
                    $title = get_the_title();
                    $post_id = get_the_id();
                    $fields = get_fields( $post_id );
                          echo '<pre>';
                            var_dump( $post_id );
                            var_dump( $fields );
                          echo '</pre>';
  • Hey man,

    Inside the loop you don’t need to pass the post id argument. Try if just $xxx = get_fields();

    And remeber, ” get_fields() ” will only return fields that have value on the post

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