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get_fields() but for Taxonomy

  • get_fields() is meant for getting all the fields of a Post, but what about a function for getting all of the custom fields for a taxonomy?

  • It will work for a taxonomy, just use the right ID

    $fields = get_fields("term_{$term_id");
  • Unfortunately, that’s not my result. I’m getting false. Here’s my code that isn’t working. I’m trying to use the WP REST API to return custom fields on a custom Taxonomy called ‘region’ on a custom Post Type.

    function regions_get_custom_fields_cb($object, $field_name, $request){
        $thing = $object['slug'] . "_" . $object['id'];
        return get_fields($thing);
    add_action('rest_api_init', function(){
        register_rest_field('region', 'custom_data', 
                'get_callback' => 'regions_get_custom_fields_cb', 
                'update_callback' => null, 
                'schema' => null
  • The code I supplied was strictly for use in a template. I’m not going to be able to help you with doing this through the rest api. I simply do not know enough about it. If this was something I had to do this I would start here

  • After much scrutiny and a much needed lunch break, I found that the reason it returned false was $thing needed to be the following:

    $thing = $object['taxonomy'] . "_" . $object['id'];

    My mistake! I was returning the slug of a specific ‘region’ instead of literally the taxonomy/term slug.

    I accepted your answer, although there is a typo with a missing ‘}’

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