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Get_field_objects with repeaters inside

  • Hey all,

    First of all thank you for a fantastic plugin 🙂

    I have a frontend form right now with a lot of conditional logic. When finished this frontend form the next step is to show and review all values. I do this with get_field_objects. But i have a problem. Inside this field group i have repeaters. Can i somehow automatically output them on frontend? Right now the value just returns “Array” – which is true, it is an array.

    Can i output the values of the array inside the get_field_objects function somehow?

  • The values returns “Array” because you are probably using “echo” to the returned $field[‘value’], if you first test if the data is an array or a string, you can condition that to make something else and not just an echo for those fields/arrays. Something with if(is_array($field[‘value’])){}else{}… got it?

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