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get_field_object on Nested Repeater

  • function get_field_data($field,$post_id){
    	$name = $field['name'];
    	if($field['type'] == 'repeater'){
    		$subfields = $field['sub_fields'];
    		foreach($subfields as $subfield){
    			$subfield_data = get_field_data($subfield['key'],$post_id);
    			$array[$subfield['key']] = $subfield_data;
    		return $array;
    		$field_data = get_field_object($field['key'],$post_id);
    		return $field_data;

    in the 2nd level for subfields all values are blank

    is get_field_object not working on sub-sub_fields?

    as you can see in the JSON the data get corrupted in the second level

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