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get_field_object() multiple values

  • Hello, I got some troubles on an existing code I have to upgrade.

    Today, only one value can be set for a select custom field in the back-office and this is the code I have to show on front-end

         if (get_field('display_voyage_type_moto') == true) : 
              $field = get_field_object('voyage_type_moto');
         <p class="title">Type de moto</p>
         <span><i class="icon-moto-route <?php if (get_field('voyage_type_moto') == 'trip_moto_route') {echo 'active';} ?>"></i><em><?php echo $field['choices']['trip_moto_route']; ?></em></span>
         <span><i class="icon-moto-terrain <?php if (get_field('voyage_type_moto') == 'trip_moto_terrain') {echo 'active';} ?>"></i><em><?php echo $field['choices']['trip_moto_terrain']; ?></em></span>
         <span><i class="icon-moto-trail <?php if (get_field('voyage_type_moto') == 'trip_moto_trail') {echo 'active';} ?>"></i><em><?php echo $field['choices']['trip_moto_trail']; ?></em></span>
         <span><i class="icon-moto-harley <?php if (get_field('voyage_type_moto') == 'trip_moto_harley') {echo 'active';} ?>"></i><em><?php echo $field['choices']['trip_moto_harley']; ?></em></span>
    <?php endif; ?>

    If I change the option for having multiple choices on the select, the code doesn’t work anymore, no more class .active is working.

    How can I change this code in order to have all the values selected in back office as class .active in front ?

    Thanks for your time, have a good day

  • When you have a select field set to allow multiple selections then it will return an array here


    so you need to check if the value is in the array

    $value = get_field('voyage_type_moto');
    <?php if (in_array('trip_moto_route', $value)) { 


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