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get_field() is empty in WP_Query inside Gutenberg block

  • Hi,

    I have a WordPress template based on Sage which is using the new ACF blocks feature and Blade templates. Everything is working just fine.

    I have a Gutenberg block that pulls some posts with WP_Query then loops through them this way:

    $projects = new WP_Query(…);
    while ($projects->have_posts()): $projects->the_post();
        the_title(); // works
        the_ID() // works
        the_field('location') // does not work
        the_field('location', get_the_ID()); // works

    Do you have any idea why the_field() fails without passing an ID even though the_post seems to be set up properly (because the_ID() works correctly)?

    Thanks in advance,

  • No one?

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