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get_field in pre_get_posts now breaks/loops

  • I have recently updated ACF plugin after months. Now, a get_field in pre_get_posts will crash in a loop. Offending code: $variable = get_field(‘class’, $usrid);
    Same command for same user, run in other parts of the code, will work. Could it be that the logic has changed and ACF is not initialised when pre_get_posts is being run?
    This code used to work before the update.
    The code will alter the query in the posts list in edit.php to filter categories

    // ********** post & media lists filtered by user role & category ****************
    add_filter('pre_get_posts', 'posts_for_current_role');
    function posts_for_current_role($query) {
        if($query->is_admin) {
            global $students_allowed_cat;
            global $teachers_allowed_cat;
            global $pagenow;
            global $acorn_user;
            if ('edit.php' == $pagenow) {
                if ($query->get('cat') == '0' || IsNullOrEmptyString($query->get('cat')) || !count($_GET)) {
                    if (in_array('teacher', (array)$acorn_user->roles)) {
                        // Allowed all at the moment $filtered_cat = $teachers_allowed_cat;
                        //$query->set('cat',  $filtered_cat);
                    if (in_array('student', (array)$acorn_user->roles)) {
                        //The user has the "student" role
                        $usrid = "user_" . $acorn_user->ID;
                        $variable = get_field('class', $usrid);
                        switch ($variable[0]) {
                            case 'Year 7':
                                $studcat = array(157, 158);
                            case 'Year 8':
                                $studcat = array(402, 403);
                            case 'Year 9':
                                $studcat = array(150, 152);
                        $query->set('category__in', $studcat); //$students_allowed_cat
                if (empty($_GET['author'])) {
                    if (in_array('student', (array)$acorn_user->roles)) {
                        $members = get_users('role=student&fields=id');
                        //var_dump($members); die();
                        if (empty($members)) {
                            $members = array(0);
                        $query->set('author__in', $members);
                    } else {
                        $query->set('author', '-1');
        return ($query);
  • Is it causing any errors? Do you have debugging on?

    I don’t see anything obviously wrong with your code, so let me know if you get any errors or warnings with debug display on.

  • Thanks John,
    within the debugger, pre_get_posts was invoked twice. I have added this enforcement if($query->is_admin && $query->query['post_type'] == "post") {and now things are working as usual

  • So, why did it break when you updated?

    The answer is that the pre_get_posts filter was running when ACF was getting the field. I’m assuming here that you were using ACF4. ACF4 did not use a post type for acf fields and ACF 5 does and it uses WP_Query() to get the field info.

    Sorry, I should have caught that the condition was not specific enough.

  • Yes I was running ACF 4 before the switch. Is there an article on changes from 4 to 5?

  • Could you clarify exactly how did ACF4 work and how does ACF5 works?

  • Sorry, there used to be document with all the changes, but I can’t find it, and I don’t remember them all.

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