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Define list of multiple selectable values like WP-tags

  • Hello

    I’m new with ACF and already stunned with the possibilities this plugin gaves me. When I’m done with this project, i have to donate you definitely something.

    I have a question:

    I’m developing a website for a music-mag and want to be able to have custom post-types with different fields. So far I know, how I can handle this with ACF.

    For a category of posts I want to have the field ‘genre’, where it should be possible to define multiple values like regular tags in WP. If somebody selects ‘rock’ and ‘pop’, the next time somebody enters an ‘r’ there should be a selection of existing values be displayed – like regular tags handle this in WP. I hope it’s clear :>

    Is there a solution for this within ACF?

    Thanks in advance and best wishes

  • Hi @customaniac

    This would be best left as a tag taxonomy.

    This will also allow you to perform powerful taxonomy queries.

    Are you able to use a custom taxonomy?

  • Dear elliot

    That actually looks exactly like the functionality I need. Is it possible to include this taxonomy-selection into a field in ACF?

    edit: ah, I see it probably is possible with this extension of the plugin:

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best wishes

  • Hi @customaniac

    ACF v4 comes with a taxonomy select field already!


  • Hey elliot
    I use v4.1.8.1, but it doesn’t show it in the selection:

    (sorry for the german, but i checked all the options and with no one you got taxonomy-options added.

    Does it have something to do with translation or do i have to activate it somewhere?

    edit: ah, in german it’s translated with article-relation which is a bit confusing, maybe a change to “Taxonomie” would do better, but thank you very much for your support and your patience 🙂

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