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Get values automatically from tables

  • Hello community,

    I am faced with a somewhat more complex task: I have a table (currently in Tablepress) and would like to provide further information on the individual cells from the table in another “block module”.

    The table has 5 columns.
    (Manufacturer, type, coupon, price, link)

    I created a new page for each type (own Post_type).

    Under the table, I would now like to create a repeating container that is filled with additional information.

    Heading = table column type [<? Php the_field (‘modell’); ?>]
    Description = Content [<? Php the_field (‘Description’); ?>]

    These are the individual codes for my custom fields.
    For each individual page, these fields are of course also filled out accordingly.

    Unfortunately, I absolutely don’t know how to get the values ​​from the table … google can’t really help me there either (probably because I’m looking wrong)

    Can it be that this can only be implemented with ACF Pro / acf_register_block_type?

    I have published our “construction site” once – maybe you can imagine it better if you see the whole.

    In the middle section of the page you can see the individual “blocks”.

    Thanks, Karsten

  • short update: I have now acquired acf pro.
    I think that should make everything easier. However, I still do not know exactly how to implement this.

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