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get option value in admin page

  • Hi, (sorry for my english)

    i am trying to display an option value in an admin page

    via get_field(‘mail_exp’,’option’) but it’s return ‘NULL’
    (it’s work in front end)

    can you help me ?


  • I don’t know if you’ve included enough information. I’ve tested getting an options page field from other admin pages and I’m not having a problem. On what admin page and where in the admin page are you trying to get the value?

  • in my theme, i made an admin page via add_menu_page
    and this is where I try to display my field option

    i would try via get_post_meta but i don’t know to have id post of the option page

  • another get_field with a post_id, work’s fine

  • I created a new text field and display this value, and at the same time my first field works
    maybe a bad save in database

  • Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, glad you got it worked out. My guess would be the field did not have a value, maybe you renamed the field after you added content to it the first time, that might cause this.

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