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Get option page fields from block (not a AFC block)

  • Is it possible to get ACF option page field values from the JS code for a custom block?

  • I do not use blocks, so this is just a guess and based on getting options pages and adding them to JS in a page.

    There are a couple of choices.

    If the script that needs values is “Enqueued” then you need to localize the script

    If the script is output into the page then you need to output the values to JS variables on the php side.

      var some_varialble_name = '<?php the_field('some_field_name', 'options'); ?>';

    Or some combination of these things.

    The only other choice is to have an AJAX request in your script that gets the option values.

  • Thank you for your suggestion.

    I actually used wp_add_inline_script() in the end.

    I thought maybe there was a clever way of getting the options value via but I can’t find one.

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